Your cosmetic coloured contact lenses will form the basis of your Halloween makeover and will truly bring your look to life. With a few tips and a whole lot of inspiration, we know that you can achieve amazing looks for Halloween. The possibilities are endless and with a wide scope of hauntingly realistic cosmetic coloured contact lenses to choose from, you will never run out of ideas. From the point of purchase, to applying your lenses and inspiration on how to style your look, Hunt or Dye have got you covered for Halloween. Watch our 'how to' tutorial and find out how to apply and remove your lenses.

Styles that work

With Halloween being arguably one of the biggest nights out of the year and in our eyes, the most fun, you don't want your Halloween styling to blend in with the crowd. For Halloween we always swear by keeping it traditional and going SCARY with a few unique twists. Hunt or Dye 'Inspo Queen of Halloween' Lady Paradoxx used our best-selling 'Whiteout' lenses to style a flawless Halloween alter ego. The results were incredible and the lenses brought the look out of the dark. If you want to truly terrify this year and turn heads, follow our simple style guide to creating Halloween looks that 'wow' every time. Team your lenses with a few key products from our online store such as Special FX face paints, hyper-realistic fake blood and our range of highly realistic liquid latex products. Once you have chosen a look to base your Halloween makeover on, choose your products wisely and get creative with it! We have partnered up with some of Instagram's hottest beauty bloggers to create looks to inspire and ignite your excitement for Halloween.

Keeping It Glam

If you want to go all out this year but secretly still want to look glam, don't worry we totally get it! Special FX Pro Charlotte Croucher used the Hunt or Dye x Mesmereyez 'Blind' Contact Lenses to create a blood-soaked glam look by toning the colour of her base down to an ivory white with accentuated contouring on the nose and cheekbones. With statement black lips and arched brows to match, her incredible makeover was topped off with flutting black lashes and generous smears of fake blood around the eyes. This look got a massive thumbs up from the Hunt or Dye team and is most certainly a Halloween makeover that we pride highly on our Halloween Wall of Fame!

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Don't Hold Back

Going all out is the name of the game! Style your lenses with makeup that is totally extra and invest in some long-lasting special FX face paints and loose glitters. Our face paints by Paint Glow, Snazaroo and Splashes and Spills provide a coverage that will last you all night long with a dense colour coverage. Choose your glitters and don't hold back with these! We have a range of sparkling products from loose glitters to gels that can be worn in your hair, on your face and everywhere else in between. We have teamed up with the incredibly talented beauty blogger Jade Berry to create looks that are perfect for fright night. This high impact 'Winter Skeleton' makeover is styled to perfection using the massively popular Mesmereyez x Hunt or Dye 'Blackout' lenses and it's safe to say we're totally obsessed!


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How to apply

Inserting your contact lenses - Before you insert your lenses, make sure your hands are washed a dried thoroughly. We always reccomend applying your lenses BEFORE your makeup. Place the contact lense onto the tip of your index finger ensuring that it has a natural bowl like shape facing upwards, the curvature of the lense should look as if it is going to cup the shape of your eye. Gently hold your upper lid open with your other index finger, at the same time hold your lower lid open with the middle finger. Looking straight at your eye in the mirror, slowly and gently place the accessory on your eye. Carefully release your eyelids and blink. You can gently massage your eyelid to centre the accessory. When you are sure that it is correctly inserted, repeat the procedure for the opposite eye.

Removing your contact lenses - Make sure your hand are washed and dried thoroughly. Look upwards and hold down the lower lid with a finger from any hand. Gently pinch the contact lense from your eye, taking care not to pinch too hard. Once you have sucessfully removed the first contact lense, repeat for the other eye.

 There are a few key tips that we have for safe wear of cosmetic coloured contact lenses. Make sure you remember to remove your coloured lenses at the end of the night and ALWAYS remove before going to sleep. To avoid any irritation you must not exceed the reccomended time period of wear as labelled on your lenses. Never wear or try to apply a contact lense if it appears broken or split in any way. Never share your lenses, they're for you only! Avoid contact with any aerosols or hair sprays and take care not to let makeup or cosmetics touch your lenses. If your eyes feel uncomfortable or irritated whilst wearing the lenses, remove them immediately to avoid any further discomfort. If you experience any discomfort or pain from wearing coloured contact lenses, seek the help from a qualified Eye Care Practitioner

Additional Wearing Notes - Contact Lenses are intended for occasional use only. Check with your Eye Care Practitioner before wearing for prolonged periods on an everyday basis. They will advise you of your recommended wearing schedule. If you wear infrequently, always remember to replace the solution in the storage case every week. Contact Lenses are intended to be disposed of after 1 day, 30 days, 90 or 365 days after opening as indicated on the packaging - irrespective of the number of times worn during the period.

Storing your lenses (not relevant for one day usages) - Always rinse with solution before wearing and after removing. Always store in fresh solution in a contact lenses case.

You MUST NOT wear if you suffer from any of the following: Corneal Dystrophies, Corneal Ucers, Inflammation Of The Cornea, Allergic Eye Conditions or any pre-existing eye conditions. Contact Lenses are suitable for healthy eyes.