Our Story


Hunt or Dye™ is an independent brand that specialises in providing the highest quality and most diverse selection of Cosmetic Coloured Contact Lenses. Along with an extensive selection of Mesmereyez™ Coloured Contact Lenses, Eyecasions and own-branded Hunt or Dye™ Lenses, we also provide all of the Beauty products that you could ever need to create show-stopping looks for occasions ranging from wild festivals to the colourful everyday. Browse from worldwide loved Beauty brands such as: Rimmel London, L’Oreal, Mii Cosmetics, Paint Glow, Bourjois and Eylure. We only stock products that we personally love and believe in, and we aim to bring all of our on-trend products to you at competitive prices. We are a unique brand that champion the alternative and we thrive on colour, vibrancy and individuality which is embodied by all of our fabulous customers.


Our favourite time of the year is undoubtedly Halloween! This is when Hunt or Dye™ truly comes alive and we see thousands of customers come to us for their ‘Halloween Extreme’ Coloured Contact Lenses. For this reason we have concentrated a lot of time on sourcing the very best brands and styles from within the UK that produce Cosmetic Coloured Lenses. Choose from One Day Disposable Lenses, One Month Lenses, Three Month Lenses & One Year Lenses so that your Coloured Contacts can be used and re-used to your hearts content. With each unique lens you can achieve head-turning Halloween looks with seamless colour change for your eyes teamed up with creative Theatrical Make-Up every year. Contact Lenses can be tricky to apply at first, but we promise that once you get the hang of it - it’s easy.

For advice on how to apply, care for and remove your Lenses, please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page where you will find the full low-down on how Coloured Contact Lenses work. We ensure that all products we source are of the very highest quality, and are fully approved by UK Safety Standards to ensure that you have a completely positive experience and a very happy Halloween.


The Hunt or Dye™ website began in 2013 and was founded by Harjit Singh Thaliwal at the age of 26. Always full of fresh ideas and visions for innovative business ventures, Harj Thaliwal decided to launch Hunt or Dye™ with the plans of hosting the biggest online selection of coloured contact lenses teamed up with a distinctive brand image that embraced alternative fashion and beauty trends. Beginning with brightly coloured hair dyes and cosmetic contact lenses, the Hunt or Dye™ range rapidly grew, gaining an impressive variety of globally recognised brands in both cosmetic lenses and beauty. With the support of his family, his team and his father as the Director of the company, Harj worked extremely hard to build Hunt or Dye™ into a contemporary, modern and innovative brand that evolved in accordance to the requests and the voices of our customer base.

A year later at the age of 27 on September 6th 2014, Harj Thaliwal was involved in a tragic car accident and devastatingly he passed away. Harj’s sister Mamps and Father Bali Thaliwal suffered a tremendous loss during such a difficult time which was was set to impact the course of the future for his business. Determined not to let Harj’s dreams fade, his sister Mamps Thaliwal stepped into the role of CEO and worked with her father Bali Thaliwal to ensure that Hunt or Dye™ was taken care of. Hunt or Dye™ has gone on to become extremely successful, especially around the Halloween period which encouraged Mamps to concentrate on expanding our cosmetic contact lense range into one of the most diverse online selections available in the UK. Mamps demonstrated extraordinary strength and passion in the act of leading her brother’s company and this is something that inspires the team on a daily basis. With Harj’s aspirations and dreams being accomplished by his family, Hunt or Dye™ is able to expand and grow with a very bright future ahead.


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