How To Use Fudge Headpaint


Fudge Headpaint Basics

The following are excepts from the Fudge Headpaint Manual intended to serve as basic guidelines for use. For more detailed formulation, mixing and application instructions, please refer to your Fudge Headpaint Manual or attend a class!  Watch for classes on the Ed Wyse Education page.

Numbering System:

Fudge Headpaint uses the International Color code (ICC) numbering system, which allows for easy identification and colour selection.

The first number before the point denotes the   depth of colour.

The first number after the point denotes the   primary or strongest tone/reflect of the colour.

The second number after the point denotes the   secondary or more subtle tone/reflect of the   colour.

  Example - 8.46 = Light Blonde depth with a   dominant Copper and subtle Red tone/reflect.

If a colour is given a zero as a secondary reflect, it means that the primary tone/reflect is intensified.

  Example - 5.20 = Light Brown depth with an   intense Violet tone/reflect.

A colour is given two identical numbers after the point indicates that it is a very intense reflect.

  Example - 7.66 = Medium Blonde depth with a   pure, very intense red tone.

The Mega Lift shades are identified as 900 numbers.

  Example - 901 = Mega Light Ash Blonde.

NOTE: Mega Lift colours have been designed to be used on a natural level 6 and above. This will ensure you achieve a blonde result.

 Series Dominant Base
.1Ash Series -Blue
.2Irisé Series -Violet
.3Gold Series -Yellow
.4Copper Series -Orange
.5Mahogany Series -Mahogany
.6Red Series -Red
.02Mega Lift Series -Pastel Violet
.01Mega Lift Series -Pastel Blue

Concentrate Colours

A double zero prior to the number signifies a concentrate colour. These colours have been specifically designed to intensify the tone/reflect when added to all Fudge Headpaint formulations (no more that 25% of the total formula is to be used).

NOTE: When adding a concentrate colour to your Fudge Headpaint formulation, please do not exceed 25% of your total mix, e.g. 1 part Concentrate colour to 3 parts Fudge Headpaint color crème. No extra Fudge Catalyst is required in your mixture.

  Example - 30 ml 6.4 (1/2 tube) Fudge Headpaint   Colour  Crème + 10ml (0.34oz) 004 Concentrate   Crème + 45ml  (1.52oz) 20 volume Fudge   Catalyst).

Preliminary Patch Test:

To determine whether an allergy or hypersensitivity exists, a preliminary patch test should be performed. The following test should be made 24 hours before every application:

1. Using soap and water, wash an area about 2     cm (1 inch) in diameter on the inside of the     elbow or behind the ear touching the hairline.     Pat dry with cotton wool.

2. Prepare a test solution by mixing equal parts of     Fudge Catalyst Peroxide with exact shade to be     used.

3. Apply mixture to test area using an absorbent     cotton-tipped applicator.

4. Permit the area to dry. Do not cover or disturb for     24 hours.

5. Examine the test area after 24 hours. If no     reaction has occurred, proceed with hair     colouring.

DO NOT USE hair colour if any of these danger signs appear - burning, itching, swelling, eruptions, irritation, redness or any other abnormal reaction. If these signs appear in or around the test area, at any time during the test period, it indicates the person is allergic or hypersensitive and colour must not be applied. In addition, this product should not be applied if the scalp shows evidence of cuts, abrasions, eruptions, open wounds or any other abnormal condition.

Formulation of your Headpaint Colour:

To formulate with accuracy, you must first assess the following:

1. Determine the client's natural base level by     matching it to the Natural Series swatches from     the Fudge Headpaint Colour Chart.

2. Determine the desired level you wish to achieve.

3. Determine the desired tone of colour you wish     to achieve.

4. Determine how many levels of lift are required to     achieve your target shade. This will determine     what strength of Fudge Catalyst needs to be     used (see chart below).

5. If you are lightening and a cool result is desired,     you will need to take underlying pigment into     consideration as warmth may need to be     neutralized. This can be achieved by referring to     a colour wheel.

NOTE: Remember opposite colours on the colour wheel neutralize and control unwanted tone.

Fudge Catalyst Peroxides:

10 vol / 3% To darken
 To tint or modify tone
 To colour bleached hair
 To colour without lift
  To cover 100% white hair
20 vol / 6% To lighten 1-2 levels
 To colour tone on tone
 To colour & cover grey hair
 To add reflect
 For first time applications
30 vol / 9% To lighten 3 levels
 To colour and cover grey hair
 For resistant power
 To emphasize warm reflects
 For first time applications
40 vol / 12% To lighten 4 levels
 For Mega Lift Series
 To colour and cover grey hair
 For first time applications
Fudge Catalyst NO LIFTCatalyst NO LIFT is designed to create a true deposit-only, demi-permanent colour

Timing Guide:

Demi-Permanent Colour: 20 minutes

Level on Level or Darkening: 20-30 minutes

Lifting 1-2 Levels or Covering White Hair: 40-45   minutes

Lifting 3 Levels: 45 minutes

Lifting 4 Levels: 45-60 minutes

When toning bleached or porous hair, colour should be continually checked during process until desired result is achieved, usually between 2-20 minutes.

NOTE: Heat is NOT recommended with Fudge Headpaint Colours.

Mixing Guide:

Fudge Headpaint 60ml (2.03oz) tubes should be   mixed on a 1 part crème to 1-1/2 parts Fudge   Catalyst Ratio

  Example - 30ml (1/2 tube) Fudge Headpaint   Colour Crème + 45ml Fudge Catalyst


Fudge Headpaint Mega Lift colours should be   mixed on a 1 part crème colour to 2 parts Fudge   Catalyst ration with either 30 vol or 40 vol Fudge   Catalyst. (For maximum lift, 40 vol is suggested).

  Example - 30ml (1/2 tube) Fudge Headpaint   Mega Lift Colour Crème + 60ml (2.03oz) Fudge   Catalyst

NOTE: To obtain best results, Fudge Head Paint must be mixed with Fudge Catalyst. Fudge does not guarantee results when mixed with other brands of peroxide.

Application Points To Remember:

1. Do not shampoo hair immediately prior to     application of Fudge Headpaint unless the hair     has product build-up.

2. Always apply to dry hair.

3. Wear protective gloves.

4. Ensure clients clothing is well protected.

5. Commence application at the darkest area of      the hair.

6. Ensure hair is evenly covered with the mixture.

7. Do NOT develop Fudge Headpaint using heat.

8. Apply product immediately after mixing.

9. Do not apply to scalp with open cuts, abrasions     or other abnormal conditions. Refer to inside of     carton.

Headpaint Application:

Virgin Applications

A virgin application is carried out on hair that has not been previously processed by any chemical service.

   Virgin Applications using the same level or    darker:

   1. On hair of even porosity: If you are using the        same shade as the natural base level or are        going darker, you can apply your Fudge        Headpaint mixture straight through from roots        to ends.

   2. On hair with porous areas: Apply Fudge        Headpaint mixture to roots and mid-lengths,        leaving out porous areas. Process for        approximately 20 minutes then apply        remainder of mixture on porous areas.              Process for a  further 10 minutes.

   Virgin Applications using lighter or warmer    shades (including Mega Lift Series):

   Always apply your Fudge Headpaint colour    mixture 1cm (1/2 inch) away from scalp. This will    avoid warmth from the scalp creating a heat    band.

   1. On hair of even porosity: Apply Fudge        Headpaint mixture to mid lengths and ends,        starting application 1cm (1/2 inch) from the        scalp. Commence application at the darkest        area. Leave for approximately 15 minutes or        until a definite colour change can be seen.        Prepare a new batch of Fudge Headpaint        mixture and apply to the root area, then reapply        over mid-lengths and ends. Leave for a further        35 minutes.

   2. On hair with porous areas: Apply Fudge        Headpaint mixture to mid lengths leaving        porous areas free from colour. Start application        1cm (1/2 inch) from scalp. Process for        approximately 15 minutes or until a definite        colour change can be seen. Apply Fudge One        Shot to porous areas. Prepare a new batch of        Fudge Headpaint mixture and apply to the root        area, then reapply over mid-lengths and ends.        Process for a further 35 minutes.

Regrowth Application

   1. Apply chosen Fudge Headpaint mixture to        regrowth area only and leave on for        approximately 30 minutes. Take remaining        colour through to ends and process for a        further 10 minutes.

       NOTE: If target colour is a fashion shade, a        new mixture should be prepared using 10 vol        Fudge Catalyst. This will ensure vibrant        fashion results.

   2. On hair with porous mid-lengths/ends: Apply        chosen Fudge Headpaint mixture to regrowth        area only and leave to process for        approximately 30 minutes. Dampen mid        lengths and ends with Fudge One Shot, mix        a new batch of colour using the same shade        with Fudge Catalyst NO LIFT. Alternatively        prepare a Fudge Headpaint 2 Pac formulation,        apply and process for a further 10 minutes.

       Example using Fudge Catalyst NO Lift - 30 ml        (1/2 tube) Fudge Headpaint Colour Crème +        45ml (1.52oz) Fudge Catalyst NO Lift

       Example using Fudge Headpaint 2 Pac -        30ml (1/2 tube) Fudge Headpaint Colour        Crème+ 30ml (1.01oz) 10 volume Fudge        Catalyst + 30ml (1.01oz) distilled water

Toner Application

Fudge Headpaint Toners are designed to be used to create pastel tones on previously lightened hair and to aid in the neutralization of unwanted warm tones on levels 8 and above.

Fudge Headpaint Toners should be mixed with 10 volume Fudge Catalyst on a 1 to 1-1/2 ratio.

      Example - 30ml (1/2 tube) 90.01 Fudge       Headpaint Toner + 45ml (1.52oz) 10 volume       Fudge Catalyst

Apply Fudge One Shot through the hair. Start your colour application on the least porous areas of the hair and progress to the most porous, each application of Toner will differ in development time, depending on the porosity of the hair, therefore, it is essential that you check your colour development every 2-3 minutes. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CLIENT UNATTENDED. Remove as normal.

Coverage of White Hair:

If there is less than 40% white hair, then use the desired Fudge Headpaint colour on its own.

If there is more than 40% white hair, then you must add a neutral shade of the same level as your chosen colour.

Example - Natural base is a level 6 with 50% white hair. Desired shade is 7.34. Mixture = 15ml (1/4 tube) 7.34 + 15ml (1/4 tube) 7 (Medium Blonde) + 45ml (1.52oz) 20 volume Fudge Catalyst.

All strengths of Fudge Catalyst when mixed with Fudge Headpaint Crème have the ability to cover white hair. Therefore, it is possible using 40 volume Fudge Catalyst, to lift natural hair by 4 levels and cover white at the same time.

Example - Natural base is 5 with 50% white hair. Desired shade is 9.3. Mixture = 15ml (1/4 tube) 9.3 + 15ml (1/4 tube) 9 (Very Light Blonde) + 45ml (1.52oz) 40 volume Fudge Catalyst.

Formulation for Coverage of Resistant Hair

For maximum coverage on RESISTANT WHITE HAIR use your chosen colour and mix Fudge Catalyst on a 1 to 1 ratio.

Example - Natural base is 6 with 75% resistant white hair. Desired shade is 8.45. Mixture = 15ml (1/4 tube) 8.45 + 15ml (1/4 tube) 8 (Light Blonde) + 30ml (1.01oz) of 20 volume Fudge Catalyst.

10 volume Fudge Catalyst is used for 100% White coverage

20 volume Fudge Catalyst is used for white   coverage when 1-2 levels of lift is required on the   remaining natural hair

30 volume Fudge Catalyst is used for white   coverage when 3 levels of lift is required on the   remaining natural hair

40 volume Fudge Catalyst is used for white   coverage when 4 levels of lift is required on the   remaining natural hair

Headpaint Removal:

1. When processing time is complete, dampen     fingertips with water and emulsify around the     hairline to lift tint from the skin and prevent     staining.

2. Add a little water to the hair and emulsify     thoroughly to activate the rinsing properties of     Fudge Headpaint Crème, rinse thoroughly.

3. Shampoo using Fudge Wet Hed Shampoo.

4. Rinse and towel dry.

5. Condition using Fudge Wet Hed Conditioner.     Leave for 3-5 minutes and rinse.

6. Towel dry and lock in the colour using Fudge     One Shot.

7. Style using your favourite Fudge styling products.

Home Maintenance:

1. Advise your client to avoid shampooing their hair     for 24-48 hours following the completion of their     colour service.

2. We recommend the use of Fudge Wet Hed     Shampoo to gently cleanse the hair.

3. Follow with Fudge Wet Hed Conditioner to help     maintain hairs condition and colour vibrancy.

4. To help keep hair strong and healthy, we     recommend the use of Fudge Dynamite as a     weekly reconstructor.

5. To help prevent colour fade, we recommend the     use of Fudge One Shot+ Daily Leave-In     Reconstructor.