Selfie Lovin’

Now, as serial lovers of social media, blogging and hair dye, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that here at Hunt or Dye we love seeing your selfies on Instagram with freshly dyed hair!

Not only do we have a feature on our hair dye retail page filled with images of our customer’s hair dye results (part of our ‘send in your selfie‘ twitter competition), we also run our own Wall of Fame in which we put our customer’s fantastic hair dye results on our homepage. From all the pictures that get sent in via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, we choose our favourite & make them a main feature on our homepage.

Something we value highly at Hunt or Dye is the importance of interacting with our customers. We don’t just want you to buy a new hair dye and walk away looking fabulous, we want you to be able to tell us, show us and show the rest of the Hunt or Dye clientele what you’ve achieved with our products. So, if you want to be featured on the site, on our next Wall of Fame, or just show off your gorgeous new hair remember to tag us in your next Instagram selfie – @huntordye, or tag us on Twitter – @huntordyeuk.


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