Eye Spy!

The most recent fashion craze that’s popped up for 2014 is changing your eye colour with coloured contact lenses.

It’s not the only trend that originally leaked from eastern fashion. After all, who were the first to start dying their hair the colour of candy? The Harajuku girls! Originating from the fashion capital of Tokyo, Harajuku has become world famous as Japan’s center of alternative fashion.

To spice up British teen culture, there has been a revolution in the way we dress and present ourselves. Thanks to the killer Kawaii looks in Tokyo and the grunge generation, hair colour is no longer a choice of blonde or brunette, and our eye colour is not restricted to the colour we were born with.

Alongside our passion for hair dye, we also bring you coloured contact lenses with hundreds of shades to choose from. Whether it be an icy shade of blue, or a golden hazel, we’ve got the lenses suitable for you. MesmerEyez natural lenses allow for a strong colour change. The unique pattern overlays the natural base to create a stunning new eye colour, altering even the deepest of natural eye shades.




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